Saturday, April 26

Blast from the Past

Going through the photographs in my archives I came across these pictures from the very first show of my work . It was a collaborative show. Garments by Plantation House and scarves and stoles by MAYA.
Plantation House garments and my scarves and stoles.( some pics are a bit blurry, sorry about that)

What's fascinating is the way in which we worked. We decided to do the show, then we both worked independently for a couple of months. There was no theme or colour palette we chose to work with.
 Day before the opening we both arrived at the venue and surprisingly there were scarves to compliment most of the garments.
Detail of a reversable tussar silk scarf.
It was a wonderful show and my scarves and stoles were well received and I also sold my work which was a bonus.
This was before I started this blog.

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