Thursday, April 3

ALAW -an update

Eight letters required to complete the first set of the alphabet which incorporates 'place' in some way.
I've added D, I, T and Z.
D for Dubai, I for Istanbul, T for Tokyo and Z is for Zanzibar.
Dubai and Zanzibar I visited last year. Dubai is all glitz and glamour. Manmade structures which boast being bigger, taller, faster and better than anything seen before. In contrast was Zanzibar a little island paradise of blue seas and soft white sand beaches, the alleys and carved doorways of Stone Town, the brutality of the slave trade and Dr. Livingstone who set the wheels in motion to abolish it.
Istanbul and Turkey I would love to experience Tokyo for the ancient and ultra modern which coexist in harmony. To get a better understanding of kawaii, to try and taste all the different flavours of Kit Kat, buy origami paper and see something of the rich textile heritage that exists in Japan. I think I'l need atleast a couple of years, one visit won't do it.
I'm hoping to get my hands on a couple of different inflight magazines so I can cut out a few more alphabets.Friends have promised to bring them back from their business trips abroad.
There are going to be more purple alphabets than red going forward. I also need to work out some options of putting them together - accordion book is what I'm thinking of.
Click here to see how differently different people are incorporating place with regard to the 26 letters of the English alphabet.

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