Wednesday, March 26

Rusty Tangle

 At the building site of our home in Coonoor I found this tangled bit of metal, already rusty and full of promise.
I brought the tangled metal home. I tried cutting it with whatever I had but nothing worked. So it sat in the guest room like a piece of sculpture until a day or two ago. 

My Blackwork and Patchwork garment requires more patches. So I decided to douse the fabric in vinegar and wrap it around the rusty metal. It's hot and dry so I've been soaking the fabric wrapped parts under the  kitchen tap periodically.
The knot of twisted and tangled metal is my favourite part of the entire tangle. I wonder what this tangled metal is a leftover of.  
Small portion unraveled shows promise. Will do a post of the unravelled bits of fabric and the fabric that's stuffed and steeped in jars for a month now. 

On a separate note. I've started another blog called Take Diversion and  the tag line says 'for unexpected adventures'. Unexpceted adventures in food, travel, art, culture, places and people which don't find a place on Million Little Stitches but I feel are stories and experiences I'd like to share. Do take a look when you find the time and let me know what you think.


ArtPropelled said...

Delicious tangle of rusty metal! And now I'm off to see your new blog.

Gumbo Lily said...

What beautiful colors and patterns.