Thursday, March 20

Yellow - Roy G Biv 2014

Time for Yellow.
 Field of yellow samanthi flower, a type of chrysanthemum which is used to decorate temples and homes for festivals and pujas.  
Yellow Bells (Tecoma Stans) in full bloom.
Small pick up vehicles on their way from the factory to showroom. On the highway to Bangalore.
Flower sellers early in the morning. One forearm length - hand to elbow is the measure used for selling flowers. Behind the three women is parked a yellow and black autorickshaw. I use autos as they are called to get around. They get you from door to door, no road is too narrow, they zip around town effortlessly and they can accommodate three adults in the back. 
Flowers are tied with soft cotton thread and sold early in the morning. Women in South India buy lenghts of fresh flowers and wear it in their hair on a daily basis. Flowers are traditional adornment for women and the most popular flower to be worn is the white jasmine. In the picture above the orange flowers are worn in the hair, the rest of the flowers are bought to adorn temples, little altars in homes and offices, and even  buses and cars.  
Striking yellow wall in Hong Kong. Not sure what's written on the pieces of paper.
Bananas hung to ripen at Kamat Lokaruchi restaurant on the Bangalore Mysore highway. Gorgeous mural of people engaged in tilling and planting the fields done in a folk style. 

As you can see it isn't difficult to find yellow in India and I've gone over the five picture limit.
Julie and Jennifer will have a list of other yellow seekers.

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Jennifer said...

What wonderful yellows! Those flowers are awesome - I swear their is wafting through cyberspace. Thank you for joining in the search again. You always have the most fascinating shots. Enjoy!

Thread Born said...

Hi Maya- I found your post really interesting. I loved getting a little taste of Indian traditions. Thanks for playing this month.

Sharmon Davidson said...

oops, I didn't realize there was a 5 picture limit! I love how I learn so much wheneverr I come to your blog, Maya. Flowers I've never heard of, traditions I'm not familiar with, even vehicles I didn't know about - I feel like I've been on an exciting jouney!

Unknown said...

Such interesting yellows, Maya - really reminds me of one of the best things about Blogland: seeing other parts of the world I might never otherwise view.

Radka said...

Interesting pictures, thanks for sharing them :-)

Arzigogolare said...

I very much enjoyed your selection of yellows, Maya - and am fascinated by the flower traditions in India!

Charlton Stitcher said...

What a lovely rich range of Indian yellows! I so enjoyed the flowers and flower sellers - and that delicious yellow wall. How I'd like to know what it was all about ...

ArtPropelled said...

Smiling at the last image. It's full of energy.