Thursday, February 17

Winners of One Heart One World

It's the evening of the 17th here in India and sitting in a little internet cafe at the tip of southern India I have drawn with the aid of the winner of the crocheted doily and the little screwpine heart which were the door prizes on my blog for the One Heart One World event.

Here goes - No 9 wins! and that happens to be Kim . Congratulations Kim.

I was delighted with the response my participation in One Hear One World got - The OHOW post has garnered me the most comments ever and the band of followers have swelled to a healthy190 and besides I've had a great time doing the rounds of so many fantastic blogs which I would have never chanced upon otherwise.

So with all that said I decided to pick another person to win and random .org gave me No. 84 which happens to be Elizabeth. Congratulations Elizabeth I hope this is a pleasant surprise, you win a crocheted doily and screwpine heart just like Kim.

I wish there were little hearts to mail out to all those who came to visit and left a comment but there will be more opportunities to do so. So do drop in and say hello.

Kim and Elizabeth I have mailed you both and asked for your postal addresses so I can mail the little packages out to both of you when I get home from Kanyakumari.

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Numinosity said...

So you're the very first of the blogs that I follow to post the winner and you were on the top of my blog list this morning so when I see the name Kim , I think "how can that be?" Different Kim though! Congrats to that Kim, my prize is finding and following your blog!
xoxo Kim