Friday, February 11

Flowers for Kath

Kath in Crete ( so totally exotic I must say) has received the page I made for her so I can reveal it here.
This is the last page I created in the 13 month long book page swap. I rose to the challenge and have completed my end of the bargain successfully. 13 pages made and sent out and all 13 received without mishap. Fell back on the commitement of a page a month a couple of times but there was also the opportunity to catch up.
I got my first page in the swap from Kath as a matter of fact, so we've come full circle.
I've begun work on the cover for my book of Leaves. I hope to have the book ready by the end of March.
Have a great weekend.


ArtPropelled said...

I've been studying the enlarged photo of your page in Crete. Beautiful work as usual.

Esme said...

Did you stitch all of these yourself? They are wonderful and so unique. I have never seen anything like these before.