Sunday, January 6

Studio Sattva

Studio Sattva is a delightful little shop in Lakeview Farm, Whitefield. Great place for unusual gifts,fashion accessories,contemporary jewellery,soft furnishings and accessories for the home.Devika has her ceramic studio adjoining the shop where she will be holding classes and doing her own personal brand of magic with clay.

One can spend a morning or afternoon browsing and buying, then at Tranquilitea which is a tea lounge one can choose from a menu of exotic sounding teas, I tried the Winter Frost.There's a little block printing unit and the community is growing a boutique is opening soon as well as a patisserie by which time a whole day of indulgence will be required.

I have been selling my hand embroidered scarves and chrocheted bikini bras embellished with sequins at Studio Sattvaa since November and now I have hats crocheted as a spiral, embellished with large roses and ruffled scarves ideal for the winter season. The caps are reversible and the roses can be pinned on your jacket or bag if you wish instead of the cap for that Retro look. The ruffled scarves add a touch of whimsy to your outfits.


pRiyA said...

oh my! the farmer's wife undercurrent has suddenly vanished.
gee! i wonder why?

pumpernickel said...

A treat reading a bunch of posts together and seeing all the lovely pix. the scarves, hats and flowers and gorgeous.
Pangs of nostalgia at seeing the coonoor sights and other familiar treasures - the magnolia and the cascading mauve blooms.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

there are myriad shades to the farmer's wife!!!!

Maya Sara Matthew said...

pumpernickel, you should start a blog then I get to see the familiar sights of HK!!