Wednesday, January 9

Death by Blue Screen

The laptop has developed a problem. Yesterday in the afternoon when I decided to log in and check mail, what I ended up viewing was a blue screen with two lines of information in white at the top of the screen (made no sense to me). R was informed by Rej ( who knows all ,even though he is no techie) that it was DEATH BY BLUE SCREEN.
I thought it was the end of all the fun I was having - surfing, the TIF challenge, setting up and posting stuff on my blog, learning new things - my current favourite is Widget. I love the sound of it. Now I know of Death By Blue Screen. Wish I didn't have to learn about it this way though.
So I won't have a chance to post pictures etc for a couple of days, I hope to be back with all the progress I've made on the TIF challenge early next week. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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verobirdie said...

So sorry about your computer. Hope it will be repaired soon and that you will be able to post some pictures of your TIF.
Anyway, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!