Wednesday, January 16

What Kind of Cheesecake Are You?

I simply couldn't resist.This is so much fun. I hope you think so too.
Someone make me a Chocolate Mocha and Orange Cheesecake. Priya get that oven out from under your desk.
You Are a Chocolate Mocha and Orange Cheesecake
Enthusiastic and intense, there's so much you love in the world... it's hard to do it all.You are good at getting things to mix - friends, flavors, hobbies. You're the master of fusion!


pRiyA said...

my goodness! i am a chocolate mocha and orange cheesecake too!! will figure out a recipe and get out that oven soon.
btw, i have a NEW BLOG! it features a pict of my breakfast every morning and a snack (bite) if any, before lunch. log in every afternoon at:
simply HAD to have a food thing going.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Shall definitely check out bigfatbrekkie.There's simply breakfast which I recently chanced upon, so it will be nice to see how different breakfasts are in different parts of the planet.