Saturday, January 26

Web Wanderings # 1 - Biscornu

This must be something everybody does - you read about something on a blog which catches your attention because its new unusual or just plain intriguing and then you meander through the web from one blog to the next, you google it and before you know it you've spent all day looking for visuals, techniques etc. I find it an enriching experience so I've decided to call such explorations Web Wanderings and post them on my blog.

The first Web Wandering is devoted to BISCORNU.

I discovered Biscornu mentioned in Mylene's blog who's participating in the Take it Further Challenge.
Then it was on to Google to check out what a Biscornu was. This was what I found
" the adjective "biscornu" originates in XVI century, composed by the prefix bis- which gives idea of plural, and "cornu" = "with horns"(literally it would be, "several horns") and means: having an irregular shape, bizarre, unnecessarily complicated."
Another more elaborate description was found at Pretty Impressive Stuff
"Biscornus are interesting little eight-sided pincushions that have become very popular in recent months. The word biscornu (sometimes written biscournu) is derived from a French adjective, meaning skewed, quirky, or irregular. My husband, ever the linguist, tells me that it literally means "two horned." Many English speakers, especially those from the Southern United States, think that biscornu is a cognate of the word biscuit. Well, it is similar in shape and size to a hand-pressed biscuit! Regardless, biscornu are basically made from two embroidered squares sewn together on point; the corner of one square meets the middle of the other as the two pieces are whip-stitched together and stuffed, creating the a quirky, skewed pillow. Additionally, many are finished off with a button in the center of the design top and bottom.
Most biscornu are worked in cross-stitch or Blackwork, because the even weave linen or AIDA (pronounced like the opera) fabric lends itself to counted techniques. While they can be made using traditional fabric, it is hard to get them the exact same size without the help of the counted fabric...

The tutorial for making a biscornu at Own Two Hands is the one I'm going to be following to make a biscornu.
Finally for some biscornu eye candy check out Anita's Stitching.


Anita said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and left me such a wonderful comment. I enjoy your blog, your blog is well written. Did you stitch this biscornu? It is very pretty, I do plan to stitch this pattern soon as well. Sweetheart tree just came out with some great biscornu design as well. As far as tutorial on the Strawberry emery, here is one that is close to the method I use.

the ribbon on the top, you just have to experiment with it. Have fun and looking forward to see more biscornu on your blog.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Hi Anita,
Thanks for visiting and giving me directions to a tutorial for the strawberry emery.
Shall post the results of the biscornu and strawberry emeries I create.

Catherine said...

Your cross stitching is great! This is really beautiful!

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Thank-you Catherine.Your work is very inspiring to me.

Timaree said...

Now that you did all the legwork, I get to learn what that biscornu is which I didn't even know existed before coming here! They are really neat. I'll check out the links you provided and add your blog to my list. I might be learning a lot by checking in here.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

I thoughtI was the only one to discover Biscornu, glad you found it interesting and I'd be honoured if you add my blog to your blog list. Thank-you.