Sunday, December 23

Stray Cats

Yesterday in the evening while R & I were drinking tea, a cat jumped up on the window sill and sat and watched the people out for their evening stroll. It was a beautiful cat - grey tortoise shell with a nice fluffy tail and a disdainful air . I decided I would feed it some bits of biscuit - which it curiously sniffed but did not sample. I then decided I would put out a small container of milk ( on examination later had not been consumed either).

In 2008 I've decided not to go off on too many projects which keep me away from home for long spells of time and this then gives me the opportunity to feed the extended family of stray cats which have made Maple their chosen hangout. Yesterday was just the beginning.

Talking of Stray Cats -Spotty arrived on my parents doorstep as a kitten and has now grown to become a handsome rather well fed cat who sleeps all day on the cane bed.Z my nephew named him so once I get to know the felines around Maple better, I think Z & M can name them for which my trusty phone camera will come in handy. Its a wonderful gadget, you carry it around with you at all times and the pictures are pretty good.

Some pics of slumbering Spotty taken with my phone camera


Maya Sara Matthew said...

Pumpernickel, thanks for the comment but I think my blog has a mind of its own, your comment has got posted along with the comments for the first post.C'est la vie until I can more savvy at blogging.

pRiyA said...

Awwww, my heart has melted...

pRiyA said...

er...i'll bet there is going to be a recipe entry soon. just wondering what it is going to be

Maya Sara Matthew said...

You never know, wait and see!!!