Sunday, December 30

The Nilgiris

The last little holiday for 2007 was in Coonoor. We drove up on Boxing Day and stayed for two days. Winter days are fantastic - crisp mornings, beautiful blue skies with not a single cloud, lazy afternoons sitting in the sun and cold freezing nights.
Lunch at Shinkows - 13A - Chilli Chicken, traffic jam on the Ooty-Coonoor road so we had to go via Kattabettu, Cottage No.2,R played golf in the mornings, I sat out in the lawns and worked on my sampler, afternoon nap, Ketti to see T's new house, Benazir Bhutto assasinated - Pakistan in turmoil, watched a herd of Bison come out of the forest and graze on the hill opposite the golf course, drinks & dinner with friends at Coonoor Club, set off after breakfast, lots of traffic on the Seegur Ghats, no animal sightings in Mudumalai and Bandipur,tiffin at Kamats and back home safe by 6pm.
Came across this Bougainvillea on the roadside in Masanagudi.This is the most spectacular Bougainvillea I've ever seen.It's a little tree.
The 3rd hole.

On the way up to the 5th Hole

The 5th Hole - Almost a Hole in One

6th Hole

There's a whole hedge of Aloe Vera at the WGC, another first I've seen.

Is this a Camellia or a Magnolia? Beautiful, there was a bush of the same flowers in Hatherly.

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