Thursday, March 3

Gold - An Artist's book

At the end of 2021 I saw the prompt - Gold for # creativevaccine_gold hosted by @jackravi , on Instagram and decided to give it a shot. 
I'm a hoarder of gold foil which chocolates come wrapped in. I have quite a stash.The cover is made of card paper wrapped with foil and decorated with squares of light gold foil and the whole thing is stitched which imparts a texture to the book cover.    
  The pages are strips of foil woven into the cream card.
Four pages with different woven patterns in gold foil and cream card paper.
Strips of a light gold foil are woven in at random like extra warp.

The back cover.
This was one of the last projects I did in 2021.
Very satisfying and it was great to be able to use my some of my stash of gold foil.


Queeniepatch said...

A beautiful use of chocolate wrappers!

Rachel said...

It is very effective!

Radka said...

Wow, what a wonderful project! That just shows, we can use anything and turn it into a work of art!

Maya Sara Matthew said...

@Queeniepatch thank you
@Rachel thank you
@ Radka thank you, yes most things can be recycled and upcycled. I try to do that as far as possible.

Janie said...

Keep blogging! Your work is amazing!