Sunday, May 10

Settling down

I thought I should say hello when I have access to wifi.
The move has been made from the plains to the hills and across state lines and we're in the process of settling down in the Nilgiris.

 One evening last week we spotted a bison (gaur) wandering through the tea bushes on the hill opposite our home. From the concrete jungle to the jungle itself.

 The discovery of strange insects on the spider plant. There's going to be much to discover in this new environment which will have an impact on my work.
Monsoon the fiber book is complete but I beg you to be patient just a little longer. In another week or two when things are out of cartons and everything has a place and hopefully the access to wifi is uninterrupted I'll post pictures of the little book.

Have a wonderful week.


Gwen Buchanan said...

What a view!!! Hope you enjoy your new location!

Maya Sara Matthew said...

The view is to die for Gwen.Facing some initial hiccups but the wildlife and the weather make up for all the delays and teething problems, hope to settle down soon.

MLM247 said...

I think your gaur is a buffalo not a bison. They are from a different genus. The bison has a hump on the back of the neck and has short horns. The water buffalo has heavier legs. Buffalo milk can be used for making cheese, but I have not heard of anyone milking bison.
Your new home looks like a place where the mind can be creative and free. Lucky.

Thread Born said...

Hi Maya- Looking forward to seeing how your new environment influences your work and Roy G Biv! Looking forward to seeing more of Monsoon.

Caterina Giglio said...

your new jungle surroundings looks amazing and the pennant below is wonderful...

Els said...

Wonderful to see those tea bushes (saw them in Indonesia loooong time ago)
Uhhhhm mating muskitos ???

I hope you have unpacked your boxes soon !

(I hate moving house : I have too much stuff !!! They say when there are still boxes unpacked after a year ..... you don't need the stuff that's in it ... but I have some of those since the last move .... :-( !)

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Louise the gaur is known as the Indian bison so people simply refer to it as bison. They have short horns,the adult males have a pronounced hump and they all are white below the knee and therefore appear to be wearing socks!

Oh Els I was left with a couple of cartons when we moved ten years back which I got rid of when we moved just now. Yes, I agree if you don't use something for a year you don't need it. I'm going to enforce that rule going forward and downsize.

Julie I'm sure my contributions to Roy will have a flavour of my surroundings.

Thank you Caterina.I hope the pennant has reached its destination in Australia.

Marta Brysha said...

What a stunning location. You must be very happy there. I moved to the mountains of the Central Highlands of Tasmania 10 years ago and have been living my dream life ever since. This move can only bring happiness and contentment.