Thursday, May 21

Monsoon - A Fiber Book

The fiber book - Monsoon 
It's taken longer than expected what with moving house and settling down but I finally got to photograph the little book on my deck this morning. The book is about things I associate with the monsoon season.
The plaintive call of the Koel or the cuckoo. It's a call one welcomes in India because one knows there will relief from the relentless summer heat. I read somewhere that the Koel a migratory bird flies to the Indian peninsula from Africa on the monsoon winds.  
Monsoon landscape dominated by dark  moisture laden nimbus clouds.
The rain brings an exuberance to the land. The parched land turns green and one of the most beautiful sights is a peacock dancing with its magnificent tail spread out. I have memories of this wondrous sight on the lawns of my alma mater The National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad.    
I choose to eat other meats during the monsoons, it's me doing my bit to give fish stocks a chance to be replenished.    
Hot tea or cutting chai as it's known in India is what every Indian loves to sip when it's pouring and I'm no different. That's the recipe for the masala tea I make and if there are no bhajjiyas I settle for marie biscuits which I dunk in the tea and eat. One of my favourite rituals. 
The back cover of the book.

The prediction for the monsoon this year is that it will be early, probably the last week of May. Usually the Monsoon hits the West coast of India in the first week of June.
I must stock up on Marie biscuits and get tea leaves and spices in place to welcome the Monsoon.

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Have a great weekend.


Charlton Stitcher said...

I love this little Monsoon book - full of charming details.
Go well in your new home.

Sharmon Davidson said...

This book is just gorgeous; every page is spectacular. I love learning so much about the monsoon season, too.

Gwen Buchanan said...

You have created a treasure!!! delightful!!

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Thank you Charlton Stitcher I'm slowly settling in to my new home.
Sharmon the monsoon is a very special season in India and we are waiting for the South West monsoon to break. It's been extremely hot this year. Rain now would be so welcome.
Thank you Gwen.

Beth French said...

Such a delightful little book, I imagine it is a pleasure to hold and touch. Is all of your lettering all
done by stitching? I see the covers have chain stitch, but the stitching on the inner pages?

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Yes Chickadee04287 all the lettering on the inner pages is embroidered. I use chain stitch and stem stitch for lettering.

Marta Brysha said...

Love the chai recipe. With 3 dogs and 4 cats I always feel like it's raining dogs and cats. Right now, early this Sunday morning, it's snowing.