Thursday, January 22

Spontaneous Combustion

Found poetry has caught my fancy. I decided I would find a poem daily and make a little tome of found poetry bound into a book with Japanese stab binding. It's going to be the book I make in 2015. 
I soon discovered a found poem daily was not happening and the other thing I figured was that if it was going to be found poetry there has to be an element of unexpected discovery so I'm looking to discover little gems without watching the clock and getting stressed out. 
This is the second poem using the newspaper blackout technique. Spontaneous Combustion. 
 Spontaneous Combustion
We touched
The result was spontaneous combustion.
How do you measure "really, really hot?"
I'm weaving magazine pages together to create the pages of the book. I feel it's in keeping with the whole found aspect of this book.Weaving and embroidery have found their way into the creation of these pages. This is the double spread for the first poem Layers of Flavours.

How has your week been thus far? Hope its been a time for unexpected discoveries.

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