Wednesday, January 28

Super Matter

The second set of the English alphabet for A Letter A Week 2014 has now been compiled into a flag book. I call this book of Tamil slang - Super Matter. 
Everday Tamil is liberally sprinkled with English words. 
In Tamil these English words have meanings far removed from the original meaning in English 
The back of each letter has the english word or phrase in both the Tamil script and English.

Bright fluorescent colours for the flags in the flag book. In keeping with the love for bright colours whether its clothing, colours for exterior of houses and decor in Tamil Nadu.

 I've now made two books for ALAW 2014.
 One with the theme of place is  'Footprints and a Wishlist' and the second is Super Matter.
To read about the Engish words and their meaning in Tamil click here,
From e to h click here.
for the next four - i to l click here.
for those from m to p click here.
Click here for meanings of words from q to z, here.

To view the creations of all those who participated in A Letter A Week 2014 click here.
I was fortunate to participate in 2014 because ALAW has now come to an end.

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