Monday, December 22

Putting up my feet

I finally get to put up my feet, sip tea and review the year which is coming to an end. 
 An exciting development was the inclusion of my work in the publication TextileArt. I'm going to find time in the next two weeks to leaf through the pages of TextileArt and discover the unique and exciting work of 160 artists from around the world whose work has been featured in this tome.Special thanks to Marta for letting me know about this project.
The YouTube video made by Ellen's son gives you a sneak peek of the book and the book is available to order here.

I've done a fair bit of travelling this year and had to juggle teaching assignments with the travel.

I'm glad I decided to participate in A Letter A Week 2014 because it's come to an end.I made an accordion style book with the Alphabets+Place. The second book which deals with Tamil slang and English words  has to be put together as a flag book.
This year I made books with paper and not fabric.I'm trying to decide whether to make a small fabric tome of Home Remedies or find a fabric book page swap to participate in , in 2015. Please point  me to any projects brewing in the ethernet involving fibre art, making fiber art/artists book in the coming year. I find that any collaboration however limited or involved has always enriched my work and broadened my horizons.

Second year running I participated in Roy G Biv conducted by Jennifer and Julie. I'm going to participate in 2015 as well but my findings will be on display each month on my other blog Take Diversion.   maybe you'll join in.

It's been a very full year and I'm grateful for all the interactions with family and friends which have enriched me whether in person, via social media and various WhatsApp groups.
Social media and the web which made it possible for my work to be accepted and published from the Netherlands. Who knew it was possible.
Travel which has broadened my cultural horizons.
Teaching has always given me an insight into what's in with Gen Y. This year I discovered Gen Y has ceased to write and notebooks aren't part of the paraphernalia they carry around. All I taught was typed and saved as memos on their smart phones, anything written on the board was photographed, submission dates and assignments were shared on WhatsApp.
All in all its been a good year.

Wishing all who stop here a season of good cheer,good health and happiness.


Sharmon Davidson said...

Congratulations on your inclusion in the book, Maya - it looks wonderful! Congratulations, too, on such a productive year. Wishing you happy holidays and much creativity for the coming year!

Caterina Giglio said...

Congratulations! just wonderful ... and you are so very productive... sending you warm holiday greetings! I am putting my feet up too! Happy New Year, may it be prosperous and creative!

Jennifer said...

Congratulations on being in the book! And thank you for introducing me to it. Just sent an email to order a copy.

It has been a delight to have you join Julie and I in the search for Roy G Biv. Your offerings always amaze me and seem so exotic in comparison to my own. I'm glad you're willing to join in again in 2015.

Wishing you joy, love, laughter and much creativity in the new year!