Thursday, December 18

Blogger's Choice - Gold - Roy G Biv 2014

For the final installment of Roy G Biv 2014 it's blogger's choice and I've chosen Gold.
Indians can't seem to get enough of gold.
The latest trend is painting temple vimanas or towers in gold paint.

Interesting imagery here. Let me tell you about the figures in this picture. Left to right we have Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, then there's a man holding a jackfruit on his head. In the center is the elephant headed God Ganesha and at his feet the little creature is the mouse. The mouse is Ganesha's vahan or vehicle. Next is a man carrying a huge bunch of bananas and on the extreme right is Goddess Saraswati or the Goddess of Knowledge.
 We Indians love gold, the precious metal and buying gold jewellery is a national obsession. Huge hoardings advertising gold jewellery are placed strategically on the highways.
From the day a girl child is born her parents will start collecting gold jewellery for her wedding and yes a traditional Indian bride will wear as much gold jewellery  as the model in the hoarding at times more.There's a piece of jewellery  to adorn every part of the human body.
Gold is wealth and gold is considered a good investment. Gold threads or zari is woven into sarees  and traditional cotton and silk clothing for men and women is almost always embellished with gold either woven or embroidered because along with a love for gold is the love for adornment and decoration. 

Crystal chandelier with gold shades at an antique shop. 

Gold lettering.

It's been an exciting year looking for colour, have to thank Julie and Jennifer for running this challenge. This month you get to see pictures of a particular colour each participant has chosen. Go over to Julie's or Jennifer's blogs to view the choices.  

Have a wonderful weekend. Everybody must be busy with the holiday season. Wishing everybody a season of good cheer, peace and happiness.


Sharmon Davidson said...

Maya, I love the golden temple, and thanks for the explanation/identification of the figurines... Many people here also think gold is a good investment, and I just love seeing pictures of Indian brides in all their gold finery...

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

A girl could never have enough gold and those models are loaded with some beautiful pieces! I like sewing with gold and silver ... ! Wonderful choices here.

CERULEAN said...

Gold is such a wondeful color. Great choice!

Jennifer said...

Maya, your posts always amaze me. The opulence of the golds and jewels leave me breathless. It's been wonderful having you join in the search this year and I hope you'll do so next year as well.

Happy holidays!

Charlton Stitcher said...

How fascinating this is ... When we visited Thailand there was gold everywhere too but I understood so little of the imagery. Thank you for explaining.

Arzigogolare said...

Maya, I love how you weave the cultural aspects of the images you choose for each edition of ROY! This was a fascinating post...
Happy New Year!