Friday, November 1

Embellished textile fragment

The embroidered piece Specialisation is for Insects has undergone changes and been transformed into a patchwork embellished textile piece.
Buttonhole wheels embroidered with space dyed embroidery thread. Eco dyed cotton fabric. Dried pomegranate peel laid on the cotton fabric and rolled up and tied with cotton twine. The bundle was put into water in a cast iron vessel and the water was brought to a boil. The bundle was left to marinate in the iron rich water for about a day. The edges are bound with tussar silk. The string couched onto the fabric at the top of the piece is the twine used to tie up the bundle for dyeing.
Detail of the buttonhole wheels.

 Happy Diwali everybody. I hope to have some photographs to show you some of the festivities in the neighbourhood.

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Gwen Buchanan said...

Love the poem Maya, and your stitchery is wonderful and so well executed. Much talent there!!!