Friday, November 8

Capturing Diwali .

Last week was the festival of Diwali.Come Diwali and its all about feasting, lighting clay lamps, pujas to welcome Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth, card parties and crackers. 
 Once it turns dark the air is redolent with the smell of crackers, and the sky and your surroundings are lit up by exploding crackers and as the night wears on bits of paper and spent crackers form a thick carpet  on the ground.
Buildings are decked with strings of fairy lights. That's a seven storey building, lit up with tiny LED lights.  
 Are crackers a part of any festival where you live?
 I love the magical photograph which results when strings of fairy lights, a little breeze, a slow shutter speed and an exploding fire cracker come together . Looks like freestyle embroidery. I should try translating one of these pictures into an embroidered piece using metallic threads and sequins.

A fun time was had with friends.

Have a great weekend, the celebrations continue with a birthday and a barbecue this weekend.
I have been working and hope to have new things in my Etsy shop next week.


lheurebleue said...

Happy Divali - what a wonderful feast. I know it from visiting Surinam which has a large Hindu community.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Everything is so bright and sparkling.. and so colourful..Everyone must look forward to this.. and what a good Idea to use these shots as embroidery patters!!