Tuesday, March 13

One Blue Bit Short

One Blue Bit Short is the latest creation.
Black tussar silk.Fringe like raw edge along all four sides and all the usual suspects - blanket stitch, running stitch and sequins.
One Blue Bit Short is elegant if I say so myself. Will be available at Plantation House this week.
My next scarf is going to be a hand pieced patchwork one, haven't made one in a long time. I also want to see if I can move from squares to hexagons or may be octagons which means I'll be marking and cutting a whole lot hexagons or octagons out of cereal cartons which I've been saving for just this.
Here's an update on the Little Houses Project and here's a moving account by Joni of people trying to rebuild their lives a year after the earthquake,tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan.


pumpernickel said...

Loving One Blue Bit Short and looking forward to seeing the patch-worked ones. The little 'houses' are gorgeous. Was imagining having one or a few on my X'mas tree this year.

Velma Bolyard said...

this is super terrific.