Monday, October 10

Embroidered interpretation of The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency

The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency interpreted as an embroidered piece for the Covered in Stitches contest    

I've used French Knots for the  crocodile, Stem stitch, Open chain, Chain stitch, Herringbone and Buttonhole wheel to name a few. Some applique. All images will enlarge if clicked on. 

A detail. Other than framing this embroidered interpretation I wonder what I can do with it. Any ideas?

 The cover illustration for the book is by Hannah Firmin.See more of her richly coloured  wood and lino cut illustrations here.
Take a look at other submissions for the Covered in Stitches Contest - here and there's time until the 7th of November if you'd like to participate.
Have a great week.


deb said...

Your book cover is wonderful! The stitches all work perfectly. I would be framing it. Perhaps the illustrator Hannah Firmin would love to see it? We are watching the TV series here in Australia at the moment. It's so much fun.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Hi Deb - yes,I think framing would be the best option.Thank you for your glowing appreciation of the book cover.
Thanks for the suggestion about getting Hannah Firmin to take a look, must see how I can do that.
I'm going to ask my sister to try and watch the TV series, she's there on a study trip.

Heidi said...

Oh I love the idea of a embroidered book cover! And your choice of book is totally made for this! Really good work! It became very beautiful!

Jacqi said...

This is fantastic! I'm just getting into hand embroidery, and I have plans to do a book cover one day. I think I might replicate the Charlotte's Web cover art. I plan on making a kindle cover with it when I am done.

Marta Brysha said...

I love it. So much more lively than the original illustrations. I think framing would be the perfect solution. I love your blog and look forward to every entry. Cheers, Marta

PS. I also have a blog showcasing my own embroidered artworks and all that inspires me. Feel free to check it out at.

Cindy Cooksey said...

It's charming! What a great idea. Your work is wonderful.

Susan Elliott said...

This is wonderful! You did a great job!!

ArtPropelled said...

Your embroidered book cover is really beautiful!

pumpernickel said...

I just looked at the enlarged images and they are absolutely stunning. I can't believe you didn't win the contest, but I guess that's to be expected when random votes decide a winner.
About what you can do with the finished piece - the cover for a kindle is a fantastic idea but you'll need the kindle first! How about a cover for the book itself?

Maya Sara Matthew said...

hello Pumpernickel, I guess voting works in mysterious ways to decide a winner.
I think I'll frame the embroidered piece, the idea for the kindle reader is fantastic but like you said I'd need to get one first!