Monday, October 24

Namma Metro

Bangalore has a metro service and we took a ride on Sunday night. 
 From Vivekananda road to M.G. Road.
 Shared a pitcher of beer and a plate of fries at a pub on Church Street before taking the last train back.
It's a great addition to the city. Can't wait for the network to grow and expand and become like the NYC Metro which I simply love.


Numinosity said...

I'm so excited. We just got our visas approved for India and are headed there in January. Now I need to research Bangalore. So much to see I'm sure!
I love your embroidery pieces.
xoxo Kim

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Congratulations Kim on the visa. India is huge and diverse and there's just so much to see and delight the senses!Where in india will you be travelling to?
Thanks for letting me know about my embroidery, appreciate it.