Tuesday, October 13

TAST Square Boss Stitch & Rice Stitch

I think I've gone ahead with TAST. Fifteen stitches, fifteen weeks to go before TAST ( Take a Stitch Tuesday) is completed. So early next year I'll begin the process of sewing the samples into a fibre book - my second.


Chris Daly said...

My goodness Maya you sure have been busy. I love that Sisha Stitch and the Portugese Knotted Stem Stitch. I have seen them before but never tried them. Wishing you well from Wisconsin! Chris

Crayons said...

Hi Embellisher
I've been away because I had neither computer nor Internet. But now I'm back in the saddle!

I like the rice stitch a lot. I think I've said this before: so much energy emanates from your work/play. How I wish I could hold that book in my hands.

The TAST event sounds really great. I'll be back.

PS: funny that you have two visitors today from the same state (Wisconsin) in the USA. Hmmmm. Maybe it's a sign that you might visit someday.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Thanks Chris.
Nice to hear from you Caroline.Waiting for your next post. I do hope I get to visit Wisconsin someday and get to meet cyber friends.