Wednesday, October 28

My Cup Runneth Over

Million Little Stitches has not seen the type of traffic witnessed in the past five days ever before.
Last night I was surprised to see on maploco that 1605 people had viewed my blog from 987 places.I had to wake up R so he could see this phenomena. Wow! Almost all of North America and Europe have disappeared under scores of blue dots.
27 comments for a post is another record and followers up to a magical 77 makes my head spin. I'm going to be replying to those comments and visiting your blogs in the next couple of days.

I'd like to thank Mr XStitch and Craft zine for featuring the Take it Further fiber book on their respective sites and for this cup runneth over state I find myself in. Thank you.


ArtPropelled said...

Maya,I am so thrilled for you! You deserve recognition for your exquisite work. Well done!!!

patstudio said...

well deserved recognition. your work is lovely

Megan V said...

So very well deserved! You are inspiring!!

I'm new to your blog thanks to MrXstitch and I'll be coming back!

All the way from Columbus, Ohio, USA :)

Olivia said...

I agree with the others your work is amazing and I look forward to seeing your future projects as well. I found you through Craft zine and will follow from my home in Seattle, Washington, USA.

gaylenona said...

I am in awe of your work. The wealth of ideas in your TAST book is amazing. I'm really looking forward to being in the Stitching Fingers page swap with you.

sharonb said...

I am pleased to see you found the Take it further challenge so satisfying - Congrats

Maya Sara Matthew said...

I'v finally got around to thanking all of you

Robyn thanks for cheering me on and supporting my work with your encouraging comments.

Pat,Megan and Olivia I'm so happy you took the time to leave comments so I can get to know you better through your blogs.

Gaylelona I think your name is so uuusual and thank you for your words I'm looking forward to getting to know you and the rest of the team better through the coming year when we create the book of travelling pages.

Thank you Sharon. I really have to thank you for getting me started on blogging and for actually getting me to take my skills a step further and creating my first fabric book.

india flint said...

looks like you've beaded a map of the whirled [and the book of marks is lovely!]

Jackie said...

Well it is a beautiful book. Congratulations.