Friday, August 1

TAST - Feather Stitch

My second favourite stitch is Feather stitch.The little plant like forms on the left of the sample are reminiscent of block prints from Gujarat and Rajasthan. I particularly like the enmeshed rows of feather stitch at the top right corner which seem to grow organically in all directions. I've begun embroidering a dupatta - two and a half metres long and forty four inches wide, haven't decided or planned the outcome just organically growing feather stitch.
Go over to Stitchin Fingers to view all the explorations other people have done with Feather Stitch. Have a great weekend.Sharon has posted the TIF challenge for August. The colour palette is quite nice and different from what came up in previous months. Will be thinking of the challenge and figuring out how to tackle it as I go through the weekend.


Jane said...

I like this, I particularly like the feather stitch zig zag line down the middle

Pat said...

Another beautiful page to your embroidery stitch book!!! Just wonderful! The Feather Stitch is one of my favorite stitches too. Gosh, I love French Knots.....when I look at blooming trees in the Spring I always think of French Knots.....the feather stitch.....that and Herringbone...I could make those for hours. Your book is WONDERFUL! Pat

pRiyA said...

this reminds me of a garden. shrubs on the left, beds laid out in rows, some plants growing with abandon on the top right and blue buds below.

QQ said...

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julia said...

I'm participating in Sharon's 2012 TAST and we're on the feather stitch. Your samples are beautiful!


Unknown said...

you have so nice stitching! and your January CQJP page with updates is very interesting!
greetings from Russia,