Monday, August 18

Web Wanderings # 3 - Flag Book

Instead of working on the August TIF and TAST -Cross stitch I have been wandering the web and I've been wowed, I think that's a word - in any case it describes my awe when I discovered a Flag Book and thanks to Google( what would we do without google - no I'm getting paid for this line) I was further shocked and awed by all the creativity shown with Flag Books.

This fabulous example of a flag book by Cristina Montejo - Alligator Hunt is her first attempt at a flag book!
Now if you want to make a flag book , you'll find instructions here.


ArtPropelled said...

This is the second time this week that I've heard of a flag book. The first time was on (Aug 15)

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Thanks for the link Robyn, I'm off to check it out now.