Thursday, July 17


Priya arrived around noon bearing gifts of food. Homemade Oatmeal raisin muffins and a tiny bun. (I'm calling it a bun Priya).

What a fantastic day we made of Wednesday. Red Book exchange after months, Mutton biryani at Umerkot, the movie Caramel where we were amongst a handful of people watching the movie.Second time in two weeks we've had at least a hundred seats to choose from, this beats even Gold Class.Believe me it grows on you, now after Persepolis and Caramel I wonder if I'll be able to watch movies with the theatre packed - that's how it is normally in India anyway.

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The discovery of wonderful yummy trays of Baklava in Star Bazaar, straight after a Lebanese movie. Who arranged for that to happen? Star bazaar kept us enthralled for two hours or was it three, R can't figure out what could have kept us there for so long, he asked twice if I had actually spent that long..... men they just don't get it.The joys of trawling the mall or hypermarket.

Priya, the good news is that Goodbye Bafana is releasing tomorrow at PVR and this one is based on the memoirs of Nelson Mandela's prison guard.It should be on for two weeks which is so well timed for another Red Book exchange ( what a fantastic deadline to work towards and I seriously think we need that sort of positive motivation) besides we need to discuss threadbare our next project with the continued exploration of PIN - 560 034.

The muffins were awesome, more power to the baking bug that's bitten you Priya.

Happy Birthday Priya. ( This is another person.Every other girl born during the 70's and 80's was named Priya. Lets see, I must know atleast 7 Priya's) Flying east and crossing the International Date Line means she arrives in San Fransisco on 17th morning to celebrate her birthday all over again - how cool is that!!!

Tomorrow I'll have my explorations of Algerian Eye Stitch to share with you.


pRiyA said...

you'll get an entire loaf when my breadmaking skills improve embellisher. there was a time we never quite knew what to do after lunch and redbook. hypermall has certainly added such an exciting dimension. its part of redbook project..
oh i can't wait to start pin - 560034.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

making bread,breaking bread together and exploring what urbanisation and specifically mall culture has done to Bangalore holds such promise and purpose.How many pin codes are there in bangalore I wonder?