Friday, July 4

TAST - Cretan Stitch

The stitch for week 4 is Cretan Stitch. I was inspired by a number of the samplers other members of TAST have created and posted on the Stitchin Fingers Flickr site.
Have to begin work on the TIF for July.
Have a good weekend, and all of you in the USA - Happy 4th of July, enjoy the long weekend.


Sandra said...

How many pages to go yet? It's looking beautiful so far! I want to create a stitches sampler, but mine will be just all in one piece of fabric lol

Great work!

Maya Sara Matthew said...

3 done 50 to go. There are 53 stitches to explore in the original Take a Stitch Tuesday!I don't know if that number will increase.Are you on Stitchin Fingers, why don't you join if you aren't a member as yet and join the TAST group and start on the sampler - its never too late.Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

Pat said...

Another lovely page for that book you are going to write...ok? I showed a friend what you are doing and we are both willing to buy one! Good work!

If you have a moment, would love for you to see something I have done....a contest entry and results. Let me know what you think? Pat at

Maya Sara Matthew said...

I won't be writing a book,Pat (would love to but that will have to be another project). I'm just going to be compiling the "pages" of different stitches into a sampler book so it will be a fiber book - just one.
How about we do a little ATC or postcard swap, I would love to have a token of your beautiful inspired work and that of your friend as part of my just begun collection of ATC's and fiber postcards ( read that as one of each)

Pat said...

In answer to your question, I would love to swap an ATC and/or a postcard with you. Why don't you send me an email so we can exchange addresses, etc. I certainly do enjoy your TAST pages and other work. Pat at birdnestontheground