Sunday, July 24

A Garden Party

I'm a newbie as far as Procreate is concerned but I decided to participate in Jehane's Twelve Days of Elements and hone my skills.
There were Twelve prompts.
The first was A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies.
The second : Proud Peacock.
I decided the Decimals brush would be the element common to all twelve illustrations.
Prompt 3 : Celebration Cake. It was the Queen's Jubilee Celebration weekend at the time.
Prompt 4 : Victorian Glasshouse.
Prompt 5: Picnic Blanket.
That's a traditional Indian rug called a jamakkalam. It's striped and brightly coloured, makes an ideal picnic blanket.
There are samosas and other Indian snacks in that brass tiffin carrier.
Prompt 6: English Flowers. I love the pictures of English meadows filled with wild flowers.
Prompt 7: Cherry Blossoms 
Prompt 8: Garden Birds.
These are Purple rumped sunbirds gathering nectar from the Thunbergia coccinea in my garden.
Prompt 9: Queen Bee. This Prompt made me think.
Three prompts in one: 10, 11 and 12.
Party bunting, Fanciful Topiary and Deck chairs.
At the end of Twelve days the surprise element to the challenge was to combine the Twelve Days prompts into one illustration - Garden Party which could be used to create a jigsaw puzzle of the same name.
It was great completing the challenge. My confidence in using procreate has increased in leaps and bounds, that's the best outcome of doing this challenge.


Queeniepatch said...

Fantastic work, but the patterns do look complex. My favourite is problably the sceen with cherry blossoms, the moon is such a good accent.

Rachel said...

I love what you have done with these prompts - well done!