Saturday, July 31


 Fruit was the theme in May for the areyoubookenough challenge. 
I've collected the stitckers you get on fruit and most of my journals have pages filled with these stickers.
The tiled backsplah in my kitchen is where the stickers are stuck. A little spot of pop art.      
It was only natural that I should make a book with all these fruit stickers.
That's the cover of the book with a question in Malayalam which translates - Is it the apple which wears a garment? Garment refers to the mesh like protective case which is put on each apple to protect it while being transported from various parts of the world. This was what a crafts woman actually asked me when I was doing a craft project in Kerala.
Made an accordion fold book with brown paper and made circular mandala patterns with the PLUstickers.  
The numbers on the stickers are a code to identify whether the produce has been grown organically, genetically modified or grown conventionally using pesticides. 
A PLU code which starts with 9  represents organically grown produce.
A four digit code which starts with 3 or 4 means the produce is conventionally produced using pesticides.   
The fruit I buy comes from halfway round the world. So I've bought and eaten apples from New Zealand, Chile, Brazil and Italy. 
Not very good for the environment, that's a massive carbon footprint. 
I'm sure they have fruit label designers who must be creative to come up a distinct eye catching label.
Another bit of trivia - the inventor of the produce sticker was Tom Mathison.

I have a lot of blank space waiting to be covered with fruit stickers. So this book is a work in progress at the moment.

Have a great weekend.

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MY MUSINGS said...

Cool idea for the fruit stickers. I do junk journals and love them.