Tuesday, June 22

Infinite Hope

Infinite Hope - a mini quilt and my entry to the Great British Quilter, Hope Mini Quilt Challenge.   
I began with a nine patch hand pieced base.
On the center patch I embroidered a Martin Luther King Jr quote.
The central square is white surrounded by dark squares and this is a metaphor for light at the end of the tunnel signifying hope.
A spiral composed of appliqued circles, Buttonhole wheels and French knots.
The spiral is a metaphor for growth and therefore hope.
Ready to start quilting.
I decided to quilt the mini quilt the same way kantha quilts are quilted - an all over running stitch which creates these soft rippling texture.
For the binding I decided to use white.
Another metaphor for Hope - Every cloud has a silver lining.
Infinite Hope quilted and ready to be bound.
Like the rest of the quilt, I was going to hand sew it. 
This was a first for me but I managed to do it thanks to YouTube videos this one by Missouri Star and this one without which it would not have been possible. The binding is not perfect but it's not bad for a first attempt. Encouraged to try again when I make the next quilt which is going to be a crazy quilt.
Traditional Indian quilts don't have a binding.
We must accept finite disappointment, 
but never lose Infinite hope.
12" × 12", entirely hand stitched, hand embroidered, hand quilted and hand bound.
We are in lockdown so all the materials used are from my stash. All the fabrics are upcycled. The batting and backing are old bedsheets. Similar to traditional kanthas which use layers of cotton saris. 

Waiting to hear from the Great British Quilter.


Anne said...

I like it!! It's a work full of sense.

Els said...

A million BEAUTIFUL stitches :-)

DannyB said...

Simply gorgeous work!