Tuesday, May 25

Spice Apothecary - Micro Textile Art

Ever since the Corona virus has taken over our lives there's been a renewed interest in home remedies.
It's probably why I decided to create a Spice Apothecary as a submission for a Micro Textile Art show.
Unfortunately it did not get selected but it was interesting to work at a micro scale and put it all together.
I'm interested in home remedies and turn to the spices in my kitchen, the plants in my garden and the recipes which combine these spices and herbs to make powders and teas etc which makes one feel better.
I've made a tiny container - the Spice Apothecary which holds nine bottles of spices.
The 5cm x 5cm x 5cm container is made of rust dyed cotton reinforced with cardboard from cereal cartons and embroidery. The sides of the little container are joined with blanket stitch and tiny black beads which resemble mustard seeds.  
The bottles are recycled vaccine bottles got from the vet. They have been washed and sterilised and I cut down a couple of wine corks to make cork stoppers for the bottles. 
The lid of the container has a little embroidered motif of spices.  
The blackwork pattern embroidered on the front of the container has been used on the inside of the lid. 

There's going to be a tiny book of home remedies which use the spices in the Spice Apothecary. 
Do you have a set of home remedies you turn to for comfort and relief?
My favouite is ginger and pepper tea when I feel a cold or flu coming on.
For a dry cough - roast cumin (jeera) and black pepper and grind to a powder. To this mixture add powdered rock candy also known as kalkandam. I have a small bottle of this mixture on my bedside table. 

We are in complete lockdown at the moment. I turn to my embroidery and other crafts to retain my sanity. 
I hope you are well and safe.


Riverside Hermit said...

I'm so glad to hear that you're well.

What a beautiful piece I adore the lid in particular - the colours are perfect!

Charlton Stitcher said...

I'm sorry I haven't commented for so long but Covid seems to have sapped my energy and creating has been something of a struggle. What a time we're all having ... Home cures might be just the thing!

We watch with horror what you are having to cope with in India. I hope you are well and that you and your family and friends have managed to avoid the worst of things

Stay safe

MY MUSINGS said...

You do nice work! I love needlework like these~

Unknown said...

Love this Maya. You are so talented ­čśŐ