Thursday, August 15

Urban Camouflage

My resolution or rather resolve this year was to go after the things I wanted to do.
One of the things I've meant to participate in is the Hand and Lock prize.

I toyed with the idea of creating an embroidered fiber book or a scarf and finally settled on a scarf. My theme was Urban Camouflage. The intention was to create a reversable stole/scarf. 
My inspiration was the torn posters on walls and graffiti.  
My attempt at fashion illustration!
The idea was to create two faces, one a bolder brighter side and the other a more quiet, subtle   surface. One can choose which side to wear the stole, turn it around and in a jiffy you can sport a different look a bit like camouflage, you can decide to blend in with what the occasion demands.
A portion of the scarf I began work on. It's a work in progress.Need to add some sparkle.
 I didn't make it as one of the finalists.
 Hoping to enter the finished stole in another show and I'll try again next year.


Elizabeth said...

Looks beautiful.

Carmen said...

It's a beautiful stole and I love the inspiration behind it. I've just started with textiles this year and only recently discovered that prize entry. I'm glad you are going to enter it in another one. I did the same with a print of mine - I've took the plunge and submitted to a call out but fully don't expect to get in - but it's taking that plunge isn't it? Good luck with the next one.