Friday, February 16

One Year of Stitches 2018

I've decided to take up the One Year of Stitches 2018 challenge and combine it with Take a Stitch Tuesday. 
 I've begun with multiple rows of embroidery around the circle to create a border of sorts as well as to increase the size of the circle. Couldn't find a lid or anything else which is a 12" diameter circle.
I've decided to explore circles this year. So all the embroidery stitches or events I want to represent will have to take on a circular form. First to be represented are the kittens Gin and Tonic who we got in January. 
Gin is a white kitten with smudges of black and fawn on it's tail and ears. Tonic is a black and white  chap who reminds me of Socks. Gin and Tonic are brother and sister.
 Next to be embroidered is the Blue Moon, Blood Moon and Lunar eclipse which occurred on January 31st. What a spectacular sight. I used Blanket Stitch - Stitch #2 in TAST, to create the Blood Moon.
 Running stitch. My favourite stitch and Stitch #1 to explore in TAST this year.
 TAST Stitch # 7 - Feather Stitch. Another of my favourites.
Herringbone Stitch. TAST - Stitch #5

TAST - Stitch #6 is Chain Stitch. There's a circle of chain stitch around one of herringbone Stitch and TAST - Stitch #4 is Detached chain. I've embroidered a circle of Detached Chain stitches around the circle created with running stitch.
I'm pretty upto date with TAST.
Have a great weekend. I have to do some writing this weekend.


Mary Ann Tate said...

I do like your idea of combining the Year of Stitches with TAST. I'm looking forward to all those stitches in circles.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

So nice of you to leave a comment Mary.I'm going to enjoy seeing that circle fill up bit by bit.

Sharmon Davidson said...

Hi Maya! I like your stitching very much! I do a "circle of the day" feature on facebook, and was wondering if I could use this lovely piece one day soon. Of course, I would link it to whatever website you wish; just let me know! Thanks!

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Sure Sharmon, go ahead and use the images for your 'circle of the day' feature on Facebook.
You could link to my blog.
Thank you for featuring my work.
The 'circle of the day' feature is great. In fact its got me looking for circles.

Unknown said...

Hi maya
I’m just wondering -you don’t use a hoop for embroidery?? Or do you? I have embroidered a little but use a hoop. Is it easier without one? I have seen your beautiful fiber books. They are awesome.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Hello Rebecca,
I don't use a hoop, never have actually.
I think it's really about what you are used to.
Thank you for the appreciation about my fiber books.