Monday, August 15


This is Socks our handsome and lovable moggy.
Socks has been missing since last Sunday night.7th August. It's been a week and I'm getting a bit worried.
I've been told they can wander off in search of a mate and that they come back, but a week? we also live in jungle country to make matters worse.
I've been reading on the net that some tom cats can wander 10 miles and come back after months.
I call out to Socks and hope he's safe and well and will get back once he's done with sowing wild oats.
I miss the warmth of his soft cuddly body curled up on my lap and the little depression between  the two pillows on our bed  lies vacant. It was his favourite spot to nap during the day.
Come home Socks.

Do you have Tom cats who've gone walk about? How long was it before your pet came back?


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I have dogs, but I do know this feeling. I hope he finds his way home soon.
xx, Carol

Olann - Wolle und mehr said...

I can understand, we have 2 tomcats and 2 female, all castrated, but nevertheless sometimes one cat and mostly during summer the younger tomcat stays outside somewhere for a while. Maybe it's mating season now. I also hope that Socks will return to you soon, he looks so loyal.

Suzi M. said...

Check the pump house! Our Cosmo was gone for 5 days. We called, we searched and walked right on by.
Finally while out getting the mail, I hear meooowwww! And opened the door and there he was...
We'd been working around with the door open and he got trapped.
Luckily water from a drip and plenty of lizards helped him make it the 5 days. Now we always look before we close the door!

Margaret said...

So sorry to hear about Socks. I've never had an un-neutered cat...but my Diesel went off one morning almost 2 years ago and disappeared. The vet agreed that perhaps there was something amiss (illness -- he was about 13 years old) and he'd 'gone away to die' they do sometimes. He'd spent all of his last night at home indoors with me instead of out having adventures in the still-warm weather, so this is what made me agree with the vet...he was saying good-bye. I do hope this is not the case with your Socks, and that he turns up safe and sound very soon!

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Thank you for all the reassurance your comments have brought.
@ Margaret -Socks is just nine months old I want him around like your Diesel for atleast 13 years.
Waiting to welcome Socks home.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Oh Socks! So sorry to hear about his disappearance.