Friday, November 27

Changing seasons

It's been a month of relentless showers and being shrouded in mist.   
The monsoons have been torrential, El Nino has compounded matters leaving cities like Chennai flooded. We've been spared the destruction the rain has wrought in Chennai but we've not been left unscathed. Voltage fluctuations has taken a toll on my fridge and the motor to pump water went kaput due to high voltage. We had a night with no running water and had to haul a couple of buckets of water from the rain water harvesting drums to tide us over. The silver lining is the fact that the tea has got sufficient rain and we can expect a good crop in the months to come. 
We're learning to count our blessings - a roof over our heads, warm clothing and food on the table. We have renewed respect for nature and our environment. 
There's talk of more rain but I'm hoping the depression in the Bay of Bengal will dissipate and the gloomy days with frosty nights will give way to bright sunny days and frosty nights. There's only so much rain one can take. Time for change.
In the picture is what remains of a kusudama I had in our home in Bangalore and came to hang at the back door of our home in Coonoor. It's one of the first things I saw each morning while my cup of tea brewed and I stood at the door doing my breathing exercises. Time for change.
Hope the Thanksgiving holidays have been a time of joy with friends and family. Have a wonderful weekend everyone with changing seasons and change in the air.  
(Not sure why there's double spacing I don't think it's something I did - you can't control change!!)

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