Monday, June 23

Yarn bombing of a religious sort

Yarn bombing is not a new phenomena in India I've discovered.
There's a Banyan tree in the apartment complex where I live and on its prop roots are wound threads dyed yellow and red. The tree itself is smeared with turmeric and kum kum both have significant roles to play in Hindu religious rituals.
 My curiosity and some preliminary research on the net reveals that  childless women worship the banyan tree but I haven't been able to find out if this wrapping of thread around the banyan tree is part of the ritual.
Another story from the Mahabharath tells the story of Savitri who lost her husband one year after their wedding near a banyan tree. She followed the god of death Yama to the land of the dead and managed to get her husband his life.In memory of this event hindu women go around the banyan tree and tie seven threads or strings around it.By doing this the women are trying to bind immortality to their married life and protecting themselves from widowhood which is probably the worst fate imaginable for a large proportion of Indian women.
I like this thread which has these fluffy bead like bits. Never seen it before or come across trees wrapped with thread and decorated with turmeric, kum kum and marigold flowers.

While searching for information on the net I came across this inspiring story.

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