Thursday, June 19

Indigo - Roy G Biv 2014

Indigo coloured tiles in the centre of a table at a popular restaurant.

This is the only Indigo I could find. Such a beautiful colour yet so difficult to find.

Julie and Jennifer will have a list of all the Indigo hunters. The tour of the participating blogs should be very enjoyable.

Are you following the World Cup Football in Brazil and watching the football matches on television? Half way round the world in India these unearthly hours leaves me yawning all day long. Once in four years, one simply can't complain :)

Simply love the Google doodles for the World Cup 2014 and look there's some indigo there as well!


Thread Born said...

Hi Maya- Isn't indigo a challenge!? Thanks for playing. I do love the Google doodles too!

Charlton Stitcher said...

You are so right ... Indigo is such a challenge. I've been avoiding the World Cup but the doodles are indeed great fun.

Sharmon Davidson said...

Maya, the google doodle is awesome!

Mail Art Dramas said...

Indigo is a hard color to find, never sure it's blue or purple. Not watching the World Cup here, trying to tame my yard. The grass just keeps growing!

layers said...

Indigo is a lovely color... makes me think of Japanese fabrics and fibers. And YES I did watch the World Cup soccer matches... the best team did win.