Thursday, March 21

Looking for Roy G Biv 2 - Orange

Not much orange that caught my eye this month.
This picture is from my archives. Shot this last month on our way up to the Nilgiris.
The Tigers need to be saved in doing so we save an entire ecosystem. Have you seen a tiger in the wild? I've been lucky to spot a majestic male tiger just once.   
There's a great big flame of the forest by the main gate of the apartment complex where I live and  its in bloom like a lot of the trees in Bangalore at this time of the year . I photographed these fallen blooms on my morning walk.
Strangely both pictures this month have the same paving blocks in them!


Thread Born said...

Hi Maya- Rather a wild orange! I hate poachers too but a pretty ballsy car sticker! The petals are beautiful. Thanks for taking the time to play along.--Julie

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Ha! Ha! that certainly is a eye catching bumper sticker in all respects - if the colour doesn't stop you in your tracks then the words should certainly get you thinking.
Glad to be playing along in Roy G Biv 2 - I'm seeing things more and not merely looking.