Monday, September 5


This is where I currently reside. Its temporary but absolute bliss and I'm soaking it all in - fresh mountain air, sumptuous meals which I don't have to whip up, beds turned down at night, a bell to ask for more green tea.... I can go on and on. Its the most luxurious assignment I've been on to date and I'm getting used to it at an alarming rate, I have to keep reminding myself its temporary.
The assignment is to make pen and ink sketches of bungalows and factories on Craigmore tea estate and paint watercolours of the stunning landscape. Craigmore has been in existence since 1884. The Chairman's bungalow is the first in the series of pen and ink sketches and I've photographed it on a red oxide floor which is characteristic of old estate bungalows. Someone decided to walk all over my sketch, can you spot the centipede or is it a millipede? Partial view of the verandah and the garden. The trees are grand and gorgeous, all a part of the quaint lifestyle on a tea estate. I'll be sharing more glimpses of this life in posts to come.
It's time for evening tea.I hope you're week is magical.


pRiyA said...

Oooooh! Vwerrry nice. The drawing is beautiful too :)
je vous conseille de prendre gobi a la manchurian avec moi quand you return.

pRiyA said...

je vous conseille de mettre son dessin sur la blog HONK.
tres bien! bon dessin!

Numinosity said...

What an assignment! The detail of your sketch is really something.The critter must have thought the grass was so lifelike it seems.
xoxo Kim

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Priya - yes the date with Gobi Manchurian must happen on my return. its been ever so long.

Kim - thank you.

Snail Cloth said...

I hope you will show us the watercolors. Your pen and ink are amazing!!1