Friday, September 23

Covered in Stitches

From pen and ink to being covered in stitches.
Read all about it here.

Covered in Stitches is about embroidering the cover for your favourite book. It may be the existing cover illustration/image you choose to interpret in stitch or you create the cover illustration.
Guess which book cover I've chosen to interpret in stitch?. Don't you love that French knot Croc? I'm quite pleased with the way its turning out. Next update I'll have a pic of the book cover I'm interpreting.

I've won tickets to go watch Johnny English Reborn this weekend, thanks to Radio Indigo.
Hope your weekend is wonderful.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

This is cool. What size thread are you using?

pRiyA said...

Oh wow! Can't decide whether it is cute or ferocious, maybe both. But that's a jewel of a Croc you've created there. The texture of Crokky's skin is amazing. Would make a great hangbag. Love it!
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shirley from oz said...

Wow this is great and all those french knots. He is so colourful.

Marta Brysha said...

Working the skin in french knots is a stroke of genius. It really evokes the leathery, lumpy, bumpy skin of a croc. I live in Australia and so have seen lots of them. I also like the plain fabric belly of the beast. Well done!

Quiltbiene said...

Cool Dragon. I love it.
Many Greetings from Germany.
Hugs Sabine

Maya Sara Matthew said...

hello, thanks for the comments,

Carol - I'm not sure what count the thread is, a bit like a 2/10's which has a tendency to snarl so the french knots are nice and knobby.

Priya - :)

Shirley - This is the first piece where I've used french knots so extensively.

Marta Brysha- thank you. I've only seen crocs at a crocodile farm near Mahabalipuram.

Sabine - thank you.