Thursday, December 16


I've told you I name my scarves they are to me my works of art therefore they have names.
This one I've called Clay. Its a large square, reversible scarf in a beautiful brown colour.
One side is all about texture and subtle colours. Two concentric squares of small brown sequins add a hint of sparkle to the muted embroidery.
The other side has pieces of tussar silk appliqued onto the cotton silk with my favourite running stitch.
Here's a picture for you to see the two sides of Clay.
This is one of four scarves I'm giving to Plantation House, the other three shall be featured in subsequent posts.
Click here to see what I was wowed by this weekend.


sabine said...

i LOVE it !!!!!!!!!!! recommended the store on my FB page to bangalore friends, esp to one who is currently visiting :-)

madeleine said...

this is so beautiful, love the colours, love the work........
what a nice idea to name the work, as artists we do put a little of ourselves into each of our work, hence a name sounds just right
lots of love and happy stitching

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Nickname unavailable - thank you so much for recommending Plantation House to someone who's travelling to Bangalore can't tell you how much I appreciate that.

Madeleine thank you, glad you understand the need as artists to name our creations.

magicmoonmusings said...

Gorgeous texture!! The reverse side looks so tidy, how are you starting and stopping each thread?