Friday, January 22

What has a curled up tail, wet nose and is a survivor?

Street Dogs. I don't know if you have this breed of dog where you live but they are an integral part of the Indian landscape. There's one in every neighbourhood, there are two in our apartment complex - Raja and Angel. Never mind that Angel is male. They have been informally adopted by everyone who lives here and their size will bear testament to the over indulged life they lead.

There are many who choose to adopt strays or simply end up feeding and looking out for the well being of a stray in the neighbourhood and in turn these dogs adopt a locality and act as watch dogs. Each dog has his territory.
There are organisations staffed with vets and a number of volunteers who go out to sterilise, vaccinate and organise adoption drives of pariah dogs. One such is W. S. D in Mumbai who have come out with a calendar. A great idea.

That's Chipku who's featured in March along with his buddy Whitey from Borivali and they are inseparable. Each and every one of the dogs featured on the twelve pages have personalities all their own which Rohan Mukerjee the photographer has captured perfectly.

Thank you Charu for getting your paws on this one for me. The calendar is available in book stores in Mumbai.

The feature in Mint Lounge here.

Have a great weekend.


charu said...

my pleasure :)

bigBANG studio said...

Embell: this is SUCH a great idea, and beautifully told in your post. When my husband was stationed in Iraq one of his buddies adopted a street dog and actually brought it back to the states, which is usually unheard of. I lived in Mongolia for a while and a street dog adopted me (ha!) and kept me company for a while in the eastern steppe. I'll never forget her. So I have a thing for stray dogs;)

Dolly, the bedfellow of note in my last post, was a dump-and-run at our local pound. She was severely underfed, terrified of men, and had clearly been abused. But that beautiful face and gentle demeanor...I had this feeling when I saw the past year and a half we've had her she has emerged as a confident, doting, affectionate, amusing she-hound, and it's been so rewarding to see her bond with my husband, given her history. The two of them are INSEPARABLE now.

Thank you for the LOVELY comments- truly makes my day. What a joy to have "met" you! Have a wonderful weekend! xo from a very flooded desert

Stephanie Faith said...

What a great idea. Dogs give so much to us (I think more than what we give them). PUPtastic post :)

ArtPropelled said...

What a great idea! The strays are very appealing.I'm glad they are looked after.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Charu :)

Lily thanks for sharing those stories of Stray dogs. That guy who got his four legged friend across to the States from Iraq is a real hero.
So Mongolia has Strays - that's good to know.You must have a hundred little anecdotes of your stay in Mongolia, must have been an incredible experience.

Thanks Stephanie and Robyn.