Monday, January 18

TAST - Lace Border Stitch, Twisted Satin Stitch and Zig Zag Spanish Knotted Stitch Stitch

Zig Zag Spanish Knotted Stitch
Twisted Satin Stitch
Lace Border Stitch

Sorry about this long silence. I have been catching up and completing things and there are a number of things to tell you about which will get told now that I'm going to be posting once a week at a minimum on a regular basis.
TAST is drawing to a close, it is the home stretch now. It will be a great achievement once the samples are compiled into a two volume set of fibre books.
It might eventually become a four volume set because Sharon has announced a TAST 2 starting in March. So if you're up for a challenge go check out the details here.


ArtPropelled said...

It amazes me how pecise your embroidered words are. Glad you will be back posting regularly again.

Caroline said...

yay, regular posts!

My eye falls for all of these stitches, but my favorite is the Spanish one. You always make me dream in color.

Chris Daly said...

Nice to hear from you again. I look forward to seeing more of your imaginative stitching.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back again - - - I always enjoy visiting your blog :)

Love the zig zag stitch. But looks too complicated for me to try!