Friday, November 7

Recording history in the Little Red Book

"The times are rare when history stands still to watch a man change its momentous course.
Barack Obama holds out hope for all the world's sidelined. For he has proved with conviction that nothing - neither skin nor suppression nor two centuries of vicious hatred - can stop a man from taking the centre stage of history. Yes, we can .... we all can."
- The Economic Times. 6th November 2008.

Have a good weekend.I'm going to be watching Quantum of Solace, the new Bond film.


Chris Daly said...

I am so overjoyed. What a moment in history! Here is to healing, grace and understanding.

Unknown said...

Maya : It gives us great pleasure in passing on the "Premio Dardos" award to you. Pl. check out our latest post for more details...Thomas

Jackie said...

Yes, you did!
Although I have been surprised at a negative reaction from a blogger who said she 'can't believe the American people would vote for someone with known links to terrorists'
It just seems such a negative take on such a wonderful event.