Saturday, February 16

Folk Expressions

I have been asked by NIFT ( The National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore) to participate in a ten day workshop involving a group of Lambani/Banjara women. The design brief put in one sentence would read -"This range “Folk Expressions” is contemporary in its proposition to create funky, light hearted, original accessories to wear and to adorn personal spaces with". Now that's my idea of exciting and challenging.

I've been trying out techniques to create fabric jewellery which the Lambani women can decorate with their distinctive style of embroidery as well as sketching and figuring out different products and theirdimensions.
The Lambani or Banjara are a nomadic tribe who inhabit the Deccan region of India. Their embroidery is colourful and combines embroidery and applique along with mirrors, buttons, bits of embossed metal, cowrie shells, white buttons etc. The garments which the women wear are simply fabulous, I'll get pictures and details of the embroidery to post once the workshop begins.

In the mean time here are a couple of pictures of the explorations I've been carrying out.

The "beads" are made of bits of tussar silk and strung on a length of orange cord. Stuffed with polyfil the beads are soft and spongy.
Details of some of the decoration on the beads with embroidery, sequins, beads and wrapping with thread.


kate said...

What a good idea! I love the look of the individual beads. It's great that you are participating in this ... I hope you post more about it

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Thank-you Kate,I'm looking forward to this workshop, there will be more posts & photographs.