Monday, February 25

Can you tell if its Spring or Summer?

Can you tell? I think its both Spring and Summer at the moment.
You don't need the fan on when you are in the house but its hot out in the sun.
R commented "time for shorts its summer now" while waiting to go in for the matinee show of Michael Clayton ( I think its a great movie, 50% of the great factor is attributed to George Clooney, R found it too slow) and still at night ,we use our quilt.

Its all so contradictory weather wise but there are great things which result from such contradictions.
There's a strawberry glut - Rs.25 for a box of Strawberries.
My bowl of oats for breakfast gets dressed up with strawberries. Its Strawberries and curd ( yogurt) for a snack. Should I make strawberry jam? and preserve the goodness a little longer?

Season's must be changing when all the stores are having sales.My wardrobe is beginning its summer transformation- blue and white floral print cotton top. What could be better for summer, thank-you Kavita.

The 'Garden City' in Spring is a pretty sight when the Yellow cassia, Pink cassia and Jacaranda all bloom amidst all the concrete clutter which has turned the Garden city into the Silicon valley of India. For a brief period this beautiful yellow cassia will be the view from my window but once Summer unleashes its scorching heat then I can look forward to seeing monkeys on the microwave towers sunning themselves in the mornings and catching a cool breeze in the evenings. Still dependant on nature to tell me what season it is, here in India's Silicon Valley.
What season is it in your neck of the woods? and how can you tell?


Anonymous said...

Oh Embellisher!
A lovely, flowery and fruity post. Just my cup of tea! It's quite a muddle weatherwise here in HK too. The only flowering trees seem to be the Chinese orchid (forget the botanical name) or Bauhinia which is also the symbol of HK. I guess flowers need sunshine and we haven;t seen much of that...

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Glad you enjoyed reading the flowery fruity post Pumpernickel.The Bauhinia in Madras was blooming when I was there earlier this month.

kate said...

The yellow Cassia is gorgeous ... I love the bright blossoms. Here it is currently -20c and so it is very much like winter. Tomorrow will be just about freezing and so I will be certain spring is just around the corner... our weather, as spring nears, is very changeable.

I wish strawberries were in season here ... I love strawberries!!

Maya Sara Matthew said...

We have one thing in common about the weather Kate, its changeable. Wish you warm weather and strawberries very soon.