Wednesday, September 2

The Cocoon - Work in Progress

It's been a few months since I updated this space. 
A lot has happened but I simply haven't had the time to update Million Little Stitches. These days my instagram account @millionlittlestitches gets updated instantly with all that's happening on the creative front.
The Cocoon, a kimonoish robe is influenced by my environment.
The mist, rainfall, the vegetation and the little creatures which abound.
Rain. Life giving and keeps the place so lush and green. Brings leeches too.
The gauzy mist, which transforms the landscape into a mysterious place.
Berries on a tree in the Shola. Looks tempting but I'm not sure if they are edible.
Clover growing between the granite paving.
Brilliant colour contrast. The wet grey granite and the green Clover. 
The brilliant colours on a month's wings which I found one morning. The patterns will find their way onto the robe, to embellish it.
The front of the kimonoish robe. The white bedsheet foundation is completely appliqued with pieces of fabric.
The back. It's interesting to note that the white sheet has become the lining for the robe.
A patchwork of colours and textures, much like the environment.
Now to begin embellishing the Cocoon.

Restrictions on movement of people and interactions have eased considerably although people are fearful of the Coronavirus rearing its head suddenly.
Life has changed. The new normal is still evolving but masks are here to stay.
The internet is the lifeline which keeps families and loved ones in constant touch , it's the source of entertainment,  the marketplace to buy and sell, to get an education.
How are you adjusting to the new normal?
I shall be back very quickly to keep this channel alive because it's been one platform which has kept me in touch with the wider world, living as I am in a small town in wondrous isolation, most of the time.

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